Bhaktivedanta Research Centre

BRC, an initiative of ISKCON Trust, was founded with the inspiration from Srila Prabhupada, Founder Acharya of International Society for Krishna Consciousness, who wanted systematic educational programs offered to train in the knowledge of soul. The BRC aims at facilitating the study and research of ancient Indian philosophy, arts and sciences for developing contemporary applied solutions in all spheres of life such as Ethics, Emotions, Environment, Entrepreneurship, Efficiency etc. BRC has affiliated to Mumbai University to grant PhD and MA in Philosophy degrees and aims to collaborate with other universities in Pune, Kolkata, Vrindavan, Ahemdabad etc.

BRC's efforts are summarized below-

1. Teach- BRC runs courses in diverse subjects at the inter-section of Spiritual scholarship, applied spirituality and spiritual art and sciences. The programs offered vary in the duration from a structured outreach course to short certified, diploma, post graduate and doctoral programs. BRC has cohort of 8 MA students and 8 PhD scholars presently apart from hundreds who completed its short courses.

2. Research & Publication- Committed scholars are doing ongoing research for creating Vaishnava Encyclopedia and documenting Bhagvata Traditions in Maharashtra in knowledge sphere. In the applied spirituality sphere projects focus on exploration of Ecotheology (Environment & Spirituality) in general and Water and Spirituality space in particular. BRC has to its credit quarterly published jouranal, monthly Newsletter and research articles published in international reputed journals.

3. Brainstorm- BRC has conducted 5 International conferences since 2015 on topics as Nexus- Environmental Sustainability, Hinduism & Ecology, Vaishnavism etc. It also got tremendous response in terms of participation to its 8 certified coursework’s organized.

4. Preserve- BRC has a systematically curated Museum & Library in Kolkata which has collection of over 20,000 spiritual publications. This also includes some rare collection of handwritten original manuscripts on taal, tree bark and hand made paper. The facility has state of art infrastructure with fireproof safe for rare collection, technology to do scanning and rooms for learners to stay and study.

5. Collaborate- BRC Mumbai is affiliated to University of Mumbai and soon BRC will collaborate with University of Kolkata, University of Pune, and other educational institutions form Vrindavan, Ahmedabad and New York. Apart from this BRC has collaborated with Corporate, Governmental and Non-Governmental institutions as Piramal Group, Apar Industries, Mafatlal Group, UNEP, UNECOSOC, URI, Faith for Earth for its ongoing initiatives.