A) Difficulties enhance love for Lord
Kunti Devi, mother of Pandavas is happily asking Krishna for blessing her life with difficulties, why? Vaishnava Acharyas reveal to us that she isn’t asking for difficulties but remembrance of Krishna that comes with difficulties. Difficulties arise even in the Spiritual world but there they increase the love of devotees.

We may consider that after going to back to Godhead the life will be without any problems (liberation) and full of happiness. But we see that while Krishna was in Vrindavan , it was attacked by so many demons and problems happened even while lord Krishna was there. Mother Yashoda and other residents are in constant anxiety but they are blissful as it increases their love for Lord Krishna. The process is similar for us – we will remain blissful if we take shelter of Krsna and remains completely dependent on Him whether good times or bad times.

Difficulties keep devotees united
HH Radhanath Maharaja mentioned that sometimes problems help devotees to stay united. Once there was fire in the New Vrindvan temple during a festival and all the resident devotees came more close to each other after that incident.

Difficulties, an opportunity for reflection
We can examine in our personal lives we can see how much are we dependent on the Lord. In my early days of Krishna consciousness I was about to meet a major accident while driving, but I could apply brakes in time for I was thinking for all the possible ways of avoiding the collision. When I reflected I realized that but my mind did not remember the Krishna even for a moment. After that I realized that we really do not remember the Lord from the core of our heart and such difficulties like this act as a good mirror for us.

Difficulties are stepping stones to Success
Once the CMD of ICICI Lombard while addressing its top sales managers was asked how to approach problems.
He replied, “I know so many leaders across industries and I can say I don’t know if any of them have their life going smooth yet they keep achieving their milestones. I have observed one thing common in all their lives that they all underwent multiple serious challenges in their personal and professional life. And another common thing is that these leaders never feared the problems and they identified what can be the best done in the situation (opportunities in calamities) and thus they came out successful.

If you ask any of them about their experience of difficulties they faced, they will definitely tell you that that experience just strengthened them, they became stronger. In normal course they would have not learned the things so extensively which they could because of problems. In general people are easygoing they do not perform great in normal course of time but when there are challenges they extend themselves, seek solutions, learn things to come out.”

Good student chooses action over procrastination
Normally students do not like exams they always want to avoid it (Problems), but students during the exams becomes studious and start studying well. Queen Kunti as a sincere student is asking that exams should be conducted on time so that we can study more. (Unlike other students who always wants to procrastinate).

Difficulties are like vaccination
Vaccination principle is also similar, forcefully virus are injected in the body to developed immunity for healthy life. In vaccination body may undergo fever (Problem) but it develops to fight virus.

Difficulties, an opportunity for celebration and not lamentation
Sometimes people go in to lamentation mode during difficult situations. But advance devotees like Queen Kunti are going beyond the lamentation into celebration and she is able to see how the calamities in life play great role and how it increases the dependency on Lord. Example – Once HH Radhanath Swami was in an airplane and the pilot made announcement that landing gear is not working and they are trying best to land. That time he saw all people sincerely praying to lord because they could not do anything. Infact, he himself found that he could chant best rounds of his life that time.

Difficulties add flavor to life
If in a food plate all items served are only sweet, we may not relish them best. So there is need of salty, spicy items as well so that we can relish sweet. Difficulties are like spicy items which help us relishing sweetness.

The above article is an answer to the Open Book Exam (Canto 1.1-9), by Utsav Mone, to the question: “Kunti Maharani Prays for more and more difficulties so that she could remember Krishna A) Derive principles for personal application for your practice of krishna consciousness from Queen Kunti’s Attitude B) Write your thoughts on presenting such a mood of a devotee to a newcomer or a non-practitioner of Krishna Consciousness”

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