Experience the most famous pastimes in devotional circles, in a quick and summarized manner, with highlights on important verses as well as purport points by the Acaryas. This edition will be a wonderful assistant to those who haven’t read the fourth Canto and also for those who have already read, it is perfect to revive and reinforce the narrations of these pastimes.

Effects of offence chases for lifetimes
An account of the arrogant Daksha and most tolerant Siva! Daksha’s mistreatment to Siva lead him to have a head of a goat and a heart filled with offensive attitude which did not get rectified even after taking another birth. Such is the dreadful consequence of displeasing a Vaishnava!
You are entitled to duty not to results
An attitude of renunciation dawn upon those only who are responsible yet detached. Behold the bold step taken by the dutiful King Anga who renounced the whole world, which was his own kingdom, in order to save his soul.
A dead churned to life
An expert can churn out the most wonderful blessing from the most cursed situation. This is the story of the able brahmanas who churned out the dead body of sinful Vena to give birth to the most exalted King Prthu.
Lost the competition but emerged victorious
Witness the commendable submission of Prthu to the orders of Superiors which made him to have the personal audience of the Supreme Lord. Although he lost in count of the yajnas as compared to Indra, he won in the count of the blessings he received by the Lord and His devotees.
An allegorical narrative of Puranjana
Narada Muni narrates this enigmatic account, of the entanglement of conditioned soul (Puranjana) by his material intelligence (Puranjani) and innumerable desires of sense gratification (her servants), to help Prachinibarhi come out of his complex mess of fruitive activities. Mull over this instructive depiction which is pertinent to every entangled being.
Narada Muni – The expert preacher
Just as the doctor administers the suitable medicine to his patients depending upon their various diseases, to help them come to their normal condition, an expert preacher like Narada Muni administers the suitable knowledge and process to his students to help them connect to the Supreme Lord. Have a glimpse of his different dealings with different people to help them achieve the same goal – love of God.
Lord is pleased by cooperative service
Pleased by the devotional inclination of Pracetas, Lord Siva instructed them into the chanting of Rudra-gita – the song unfolding the Supreme Lord’s position, beauty, the glory of His Bhakti and His devotees. Attracted by the cooperative spirit of the 10 brothers in their 10000 year long chant, the Lord gave His audience being pleased with them.

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