by Vijay Krishna Das

Maitreya describes the terrific fight that took place between Lord Varāha and Hiraṇyākṣa and the subsequent deliverance of the demon (3.19). Then being enquired by Vidura, Maitreya partially narrates the creation pastimes, leading to the discussion of the history of Svayambhuva Manu and his lineage. (3.20-21). The narration starts with Manu handing over the hand of his daughter in marriage to Kardama Muni (3.22).

A terrible fight

Proud Hiranyaksa neglected Varuna’s warnings and learning about the whereabouts of Lord from Narada Muni, he quickly entered into the Garbodhaka ocean. There, he saw the Lord in the form of a boar, bearing the earth on His tusks. He criticized the Lord with various ill-names. He addressed Him as an animal, resident of the forest, lowest of demigods and so on. The Lord was pained by the shaft like abusive words of the demon. But seeing that the earth was frightened, He bore the pain and rose out of the water. The Lord challenged the demon – Give up all your foolish talk and fight with Me. The demon became angry like a cobra and sprang upon the Lord and attacked with his mace. A fierce battle commenced. They struck each other with their huge maces. It appeared as if two forceful bulls were fighting for the sake of a cow. Both had injuries on their bodies from the blows of pointed maces.

Hiranyaksa Killed

Seeing the unprecedented power of Hiranyaksa, Brahma addressed the Lord, “This demon is an offender. My dear Lord, there is no need to play with this serpentine and wicked demon. Before his power increases with the fast approaching evening, kill him and establish the worlds in peace.” Hearing the prayers of Brahma, which were free from all sinful
purposes and were like nectar, the Lord laughed and accepted his prayer with love. Hiranyaksa invoked various weapons and attacked the Lord, who easily counteracted them. Then the demon employed many illusions and created fierce winds, naked demonesses armed with tridents, ruffian Yaksas and Raksasas shouting violent slogans. The Lord invoked His cakra and destroyed all the illusions. At that time, a shudder ran through the heart of Diti. Blood started to flow from her breasts. Frustrated Hiranyaksa started to strike the Lord’s chest with his hard fist, but the Lord slapped him in the root of the ear. The demon fell down dead like an uprooted tree. Thus accomplishing the mission of the demigods, the Lord returned to His own abode being praised by them.

Vidura’s Enquiries

Vidura was delighted to hear the pastimes of Varahadeva. He enquired from Maitreya that how did Brahma and his prajapati sons create further progeny. In response, Maitreya summarizes the primary and secondary creation (which was already previously described in detail), in order to relate the lineage of Svayambhuva Manu

Kardama Pleases the Lord

Vidura enquired about the two sons (Priyavrata and Uttanapada) and three daughters (Akuti and Prasuti and Devahuti) of Svayambhuva Manu. Maitreya first describes the descendants of Devahuti and Kardama. Kardama undertook great austerities for ten thousand years, on the command of Brahma. He worshipped the Lord with a desire for a suitable wife, who could help him to create progeny. Being pleased by Kardama’s penance, the Supreme Lord appeared before him and showed His form to him. Kardama became very joyful. With natural love for the Lord, he offered obeisances and with folded hands offered his heartfelt prayers.

Lord Fulfills Kardama’s Desire

The desires of those who serve the Supreme Lord in devotion, are never frustrated. The Lord spoke to Kardama, “I have already arranged for that for which you have worshipped Me. Svayambhuva Manu will come here with his queen Satarupa, to see you. He has a grown-up, marriageable, beautiful and qualified daughter (Devahuti). Her parents will deliver her to you, as she is exactly suitable for you. She will bring forth nine daughters from you and through them the sages will duly beget children. Showing compassion to all as a householder and then giving fearlessness to all as a sannyasi, you will perceive the universes in Me and Myself in you. Also I shall manifest My own plenary portion (Kapiladeva) through Devahuti, along with your nine daughters and I shall instruct her in the system of philosophy.”

Kardama Receives Manu

The Lord departed from Bindu-sarovar and Kardama stayed on it’s bank, waiting for the arrival of Manu. Manu along with his wife and daughter arrived at his hermitage. Entering the asrama, Manu saw Kardama having just propitiated the sacred fire by pouring oblations. Kardama Muni received Manu with due honour and extolled the glories of the king by saying that the king embodies the protecting energy of Lord Hari. Kardama then inquired about the purpose for the king’s arrival and promised to carry it out without any reservations.

Manu Offers Devahuti to Kardama

Feeling modest, Manu in return glorified Kardama. He said, “For the protection of Vedas, Brahma created Brahmanas and for the protection of the Brahmanas, the Lord has created us, the Ksatriyas. By great fortune have I attained your auspicious and rare association. Please listen to my prayer and accept my daughter Devahuti as your wife. She belongs to a great family. In terms of age, character and qualities she will be a suitable match to you. She fixed her mind upon you, when she heard about you from Narada Muni. You have decided to get married, so please accept her.”

Kardama Accepts But With a Condition

Kardama replied, “What wise man would not accept her, the very ornament of womanhood, the daughter of Manu and sister of Uttanapada? She is unseen by those who do not worship Laksmi, yet she has come of her own accord to seek my hand. But I have a condition. I will stay with her only till she produces an offspring, after that I shall accept the life of devotional service accepted by the most perfect human beings.” Speaking thus, Kardama became silent and smiled thinking of Krsna. His face captured the mind of Devahuti. Understanding the desire of Satarupa and Devahuti, Manu gladly offered his daughter to Kardama. Manu and Satarupa returned to their capital after conducting the marriage of Kardama and Devahuti.

Glorious Rule Of Manu

Manu enjoyed with his wife and subjects without conflicting the religion. Everyday, early in the morning he heard krsna-katha. Although absorbed in material happiness, he being a saintly king, was not degraded. Being absorbed in hearing, contemplating, writing and chanting about the Lord’s pastimes, his long life, consisting of a manvantara era, did not go in vain. How can miseries pertaining to the body, the mind, nature, and other men and living creatures, bind a person who has taken shelter of the Lord?

To be Continued…

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