By Vijay Krishna Kumar Das

Devahuti serves Kardama Muni affectionately and pleases him. She requests for a child from him. Kardama fulfils her desire and nine daughters are born to her (SB 3.23). Kardama then remains with Devahuti to offer her one more son (Lord Kapila). Kardama offers his prayers to Lord Kapila and leaves for the forest (SB 3.24). Lord Kapila gives the knowledge of devotional service to his mother (SB 3.25).

Devahuti – An Exemplary Wife

By her loving services, Devahuti won the heart of her husband. She was extremely chaste. Understanding his desires, she served Kardama with great love, respect, intimacy, purity of body and mind and with her sweet words. She served him with complete sense control giving up all lust, pride, envy, greed, sinful activities and vanity. She constantly worked sanely and diligently. Gradually she grew weak and emaciated. She expected great blessings from her husband. Seeing her condition, Kardama was overcome with compassion. He desired to bestow upon her all the transcendental gifts he has received from his devotional service to the Lord, which can make one free from fear and lamentation.

Devahuti Desires A Child

With choked voice. Devahuti asked her husband to fulfil the promise of giving her children, since bearing children through a husband is a praiseworthy quality of a chaste woman. Desiring to please his wife, Kardama created an aerial mansion, a suitable dwelling for their union, that could travel at his will. Kardama also arranged for a desire fulfilling lake, Bindu Sarovara, housed with a thousand young girls to serve Devahuti. The girls fully bathed the emaciated Devahuti and decorated her. Her face now shone with shining teeth, charming eyes, eyebrows and beautiful locks of hair.

Kardama Fulfils His Promise

Seeing Devahuti regain her original beauty as a princess, Kardama, with increased fondness, placed her on the arial mansion. Though seeming attached, he did not lose his glory as a selfcontrolled person. Travelling like air to other planets in that great mansion, Kardama even surpassed the demigods. In the arial mansion, both enjoyed for hundred autumns which passed just like a moment. Kardama divided himself into nine forms and impregnated Devahuti with nine discharges of semen. On the same day, she gave birth to nine beautiful daughters.

Devahuti’s Predicament

Thus, fulfilling his promise, Kardama now desired to leave home for his real concern of spiritual realization. Pained Devahuti submits an indirect request for a son. Finding herself being cheated by maya, she felt that she did not cultivate knowledge in the association of her saintly husband. She said, “After you go to the forest, your daughter would find their own suitable husbands and go away. But who will give me solace?”

Appearance of Lord Kapila

Remembering the words of Visnu, Kardama replied back to Devahuti, “Do not be disappointed, the infallible Lord will shortly enter your womb as your son. He will cut the knot of attachment in your heart by teaching the knowledge of Brahman.” With full faith in the words of her husband, Devahuti worshiped the Lord with great respect, who then entered into the womb of Devahuti through Kardama.  Brahma appeared before the couple and addressed them. He said, “You accepted my instruction without duplicity and respect and have thus properly worshiped and honoured me. Your nine daughters are very chaste and will increase this creation by their own descendents. Offer them to the foremost of the sages with due regard for the girls’ temperaments and likings. Your son will be the foremost among the perfected beings approved by all the acaryas of Sankhya philosophy will be known by the name Kapila, and will increase your fame.” Thus blessing them, Brahma left.

Kardama Muni’s Humility

Understanding that the Lord has descended, Kardama approached Him in a secluded place and offered him prayers. He said, “Demigods become pleased after a long time. It takes many births for a mature yogi to see You. But the same Lord is now appeared in our house, to support His devotees, not considering the negligence of the ordinary householders like us. Now that You have appeared, I have become free of debt, so please give me the permission to renounce this world.”

Kardama Muni Leaves Home

Hearing the words of Kardama Lord Kapila replied,“I have appeared in this world to explain the principles of self-realization for those desiring freedom from material desires. This path was lost in time. I have come to revive this knowledge of Sankhya. I will also describe this knowledge to My mother, so that she will also attain perfection and will be freed from fear. Surrendering all your activities to Me, go as you desire and worship Me for eternal life.” Kardama circumambulated the Lord and with a pacified mind, he at once left for the forest. After Kardama Muni left, Lord Kapila Stayed at Bindusarovara to please His mother Devahuti.”

Enquiry By Devahuti

Remembering the words of Brahma, Devahuti began to question Lord Kapila. She said, “You are my transcendental eye and have arisen like the sun to dissipate the darkness of ignorance of the universe. Please dispel my illusion of aham mameti due to my false ego and created by your maya. Please explain about the jiva  in material world (purusa) and prakrti.

Lord Kapila Describes Adhyatmika Yoga

Lord Kapila described to his mother the path followed by the devotees. He said, “I consider the yoga system concerning the soul i.e. adhyatmika yoga, as the most beneficial as it causes detachment from material happiness and distress. The mind is the pivot. If the mind is attached to material modes, it causes bondage and if it is attached to the Supreme Lord,  it causes liberation. When mind is cleansed of the impurities like lust and greed, one transcends material dualities. The mind reach this state by practising bhakti endowed with jnana and vairagya, then one sees everything in the right perspective. One becomes indifferent to material existence and the material influence acts less powerfully on him. ”

Supremacy Of Bhakti

Lord Kapila continued, “Perfection in self realization cannot be attained unless one engages in bhakti, for that is the only auspicious path. Material association is the greatest entanglement. But association of sadhus opens the door of liberation. Krsna-katha in the association of sadhus is very pleasing and satisfying to the ear and bestow ruci, asakti, bhava and prema in sequence. Practice of jnana and yoga is not complete without bhakti. A person endeavouring to control mind through yoga,  comes to the correct path of yoga by thinking about My activities. Even a person practicing the cultivation of knowledge, achieves Me in this very life as impersonal Brahman, by developing bhakti.”

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