Different types of devotees at different levels approach Bhagavatam. Vidyapitha provides an opportunity for all of them to advance higher up from where they are:

1. For those who are struggling & have got no desire or inclination to read, Vidyapitha provides the desire & inspiration to read Bhagavatam.
2. For those who have got the desire, Vidyapitha provides the skills to read Bhagavatam effectively.
3. For those who have got the desire & skills, Vidyapitha provides the taste to immerse in Bhagavatam.
4. For those who have got the desire, skills & taste, Vidyapitha provides the right attitude (of request & not conquest) to approach Bhagavatam.

Such is the effect of the cintamani stone of Vidyapitha. I personally being like a rusted iron could rise only to the 1st level i.e. from no desire or inclination, I have developed a desire & drive to read Bhagavatam.

I feel deeply grateful to the visionaries & teachers of Vidyapitha for extending themselves all out to give us this opportunity. I feel it was a little of their desire, skills, taste & attitude that rubbed off by their association and helped us to rise from whichever level we were.