I sincerely thank all the devotees who conceived, planned, executed, supported, cheered and accepted this 2 years study of Srimad Bhagavatam. I do not experience any special, sudden changes in my consciousness after Vidyapith course, but definitely a desire to take to devotional service more seriously is increased. I have not found any gems – but faith that they exist and desire to search for them has definitely increased. Vidyapitha study provided me with many new contacts whom I would love to frequently be in touch with ( slokas, Prabhupada’s purports, different personalities of Bhagavatam ).

Intense, long-term and focused service to any of Processes of devotional service ( Of which hearing is one of the best ) definitely gives us glimpse of what’s in store in Bhakti and Bhaktivedanta Vidyapitha provides access to that condensed mercy.

– Kiran kumar, M.E., IISc, Bangalore

Different types of devotees at different levels approach Bhagavatam. Vidyapitha provides an opportunity for all of them to advance higher up from where they are:

1. For those who are struggling & have got no desire or inclination to read, Vidyapitha provides the desire & inspiration to read Bhagavatam.
2. For those who have got the desire, Vidyapitha provides the skills to read Bhagavatam effectively.
3. For those who have got the desire & skills, Vidyapitha provides the taste to immerse in Bhagavatam.
4. For those who have got the desire, skills & taste, Vidyapitha provides the right attitude (of request & not conquest) to approach Bhagavatam.

Such is the effect of the cintamani stone of Vidyapitha. I personally being like a rusted iron could rise only to the 1st level i.e. from no desire or inclination, I have developed a desire & drive to read Bhagavatam.

I feel deeply grateful to the visionaries & teachers of Vidyapitha for extending themselves all out to give us this opportunity. I feel it was a little of their desire, skills, taste & attitude that rubbed off by their association and helped us to rise from whichever level we were.

– Rajat, M.Tech, IIT Bombay

This study gave us many reference points through which one can check one’s consciousness & fix it back on devotional service based on these aspects mentioned in the instructions of Srila Rupa Goswami (utsahat, niscayat, dhairyat). This study helped come out from the superficial platform of devotional service and also widened the scope of practice of our Krishna Consciousness. So many lessons, principles which will help us definitely remain fixed up in our Krishna Consciousness in spite of challenging situation. My gratitude to all the devotees who are directly and indirectly the source of inspiration in conducting this Vidyapitha.

Nitin Sawant, B.Sc Comp. Science.

I always felt that there is need of strong spiritual foundation before full-fledged involvement in various services and preaching. Vidyapitha training fulfilled that need by training devotees in beginning years of their ashram life. Despite non-educational background, I could study 3-4 hrs a day because of association of enthusiastic batch mates, and now it became a habit. Now Srila Prabhupad’s purports are my nourishment and guidelines for my spiritual life. This sastric study enhanced determination & conviction in my spiritual life. Always grateful to coordinators and teachers.

– Nitin Cavan, ITI fitter Mech.

I had an experience of “Power of Association.” As 2 years passed, now we feel wow, was it a dream! ‘Studying Bhagavatam & Caitanya Caritamrita in association of wonderful devotees and in a beautiful eco environment.’ 2 years of BVVP study developed

(i) deep appreciation for Srila Prabhupada’s revolutionary, enlivening and compassionate purports,
(ii) Close friendship with fellow devotees,
(iii) Attention in morning SB class increased.

We feel very grateful to our temple authorities especially to HG Gauranga Prabhu for giving us such a valuable Gift in initial days of our Journey in Brahmacari Ashram. BVVP course had very positive impact on our consciousness especially during chanting hours in morning. Our heartfelt gratitude to all devotees who were behind the creation of BVVP.

– Rajiv Pandit, B.E.

It’s been pleasing experience to be with Srimad Bhagavatam, along with devotees in Natural Environment. We are extremely grateful to all the devotees in GEV for giving this opportunity of the lifetime. I hope we would also get a drop of the taste by serving the person as well as book bhgavata sincerely.

Saikiran, M.S., University of Newcastle, U.K.

Hearing from the speaker, self-study, memorizing slokas, reciting slokas in the bathroom, toilets, discussing with devotees while honoring Prasada & as soon as we get up and writing exams is wonderful. Its 24 hrs Krishna consciousness. Some devotees give classes even in dreams. Our presentations helped us to focus on how to present Bhagavatam to audience as well as clarifying their doubts if any. Studying, writing exams in the association of devotees of same batch is also wonderful where we can have strong relationship with each other & inspire each other to progress in DS.

I conclude by expressing my gratitude to all devotees who kept us inspired in going through this training.

Lilasuka Das, Ex- CHERA, Indian Navy.