Conducted once in a week or two, mostly on the chapters covered during the week(s). Unlike closed book exams that involve ‘memorization’ of flow/contents of a chapter, open book questions test the ‘understanding’ of the student. Classes are not conducted on the days when open book exams are held.

Personal application, Practical application, Preaching application are some of the themes based on which open book questions are set.

Exam results

The ‘batch average’ of marks obtained by all the students is displayed everyday. It is the responsibility of every student to keep that number as high as possible. In other words, students should help and inspire each other in studying the scriptures and give up any competitive spirit.

Few examples of open book questions:

CANTO 1 Chapters 1-9 Open book exam QUESTIONS

2014-2016 BVVP Batch

  1. Write an essay on “Vyasadeva – Narada muni episode” (chapters 4-6) highlighting the themes of “Helping guidance of spiritual master in the dissatisfaction of a disciple.” And/Or “Glorification to Krsna is the solution to all problems.”
  2. Present your understanding of the Bhaktivedanta Purports on the following (a) Qualification of a speaker of Srimad Bhagavatam (b) Qualities of a hearer of Srimad Bhagavatam
  3. Derive principles for personal application for your practice of Krishna consciousness, from Kunti maharani’s behavior.
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