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Bhaktivedanta Vidyapitha 2019-2021

Hare Krishna Dear Devotees
Please accept our humble obeisances
All glories to Srila Prabhupada

Bhaktivedanta Vidyapitha Research Center offers a two year residential training program at ISKCON Govardhan Eco Village that facilitates the systematic study of Bhakti Scriptures and inculcating Vaishnava Culture.

The course works on a 5S model as given below.


    • SADHANA [Regulated Practices of Bhakti yoga]: Morning Program (Mangala arati, Japa, Darshan, Guru puja, Temple SB class)
    • SVADHYAYA (Scriptural Study):
      • Sravanam (Hearing Scriptures): BVVP classes (One chapter/day) and Retreat seminars
      • Mananam (Recollecting Scriptures): Closed book Exams, Weekly Revision classes, Canto Overview
      • Nidhidhyasanam (Contemplating on Scriptures): Open book Exams & Assignments
      • Pathanam (Learning Scriptural verses): Sloka memorization classes, Daily Recitation
      • Kirtanam (Speaking on Scriptures): Presentations by the students
    • SEVA [Service]: Deity sevas, Cleaning, Weekend dept. sevas & BVVP Projects
    • SANGA [Good Association]: Daily group study, BVVP Retreats & Get-togethers
    • SADACHAR [Vaisnava Behavior]: The overall Vaisnava behavior the student inculcates through the above 4S. Weekly Sadachar classes.

MAIN COURSES: Srimad Bhagavatam, Caitanya Caritamrta, Vaishnava Character
CHARACTER ENHANCEMENT COURSES: Lessons from the lives of Goswamis, Mukudamala-stotra, Vaishnava Bhajans, Lessons from Ramayan, Deity Worship Class, Cooking Classes,
Yoga Classes, Value Education Slokas, and so on…


  • Bi-monthly Retreats: Celebrating Others Success, 24 Gurus, Monsoon in Vrindavan, Sundarakanda, Damodarasthakam
  • Annual Yatra
  • Harinam Sankirtan
  • 2 weeks vacation during Karthik Month

Bhagavata Subodhini, Caitanya Subodhini, Bhagavata Ratnamala, Caitanya Ratnamala, Bhagavat Tattvamala, Student Handbooks – Comprising of Closed Book and Open Book Exam Questions, Presentation Topics, Self Assessment Plan and Other Guidelines, Systematic Ppts for
Canto Wise Overview of Bhagavatam and Sri Chaitanya Caritamrita


  • First Semester: Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 1-4
  • Second Semester: Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 5-9
  • Third Semester: Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 10-12
  • Fourth Semester: Caitanya Caritamrta

NOTE: For those who are interested to enroll for the first 6 cantos only (Bhakti Vaibhav Degree) may also register themselves. The course duration would be 9 months at a nominal fee of INR 15,000.

Degrees awarded: Bhakti Vaibhav

Pre-requisite: Bhakti sastri and a sincere desire to study Srila Prabhupada’s books.

Mentorship facility is provided to hear the concerns of the students to keep them happy and inspired in their study.

Statistics: Since its inception in 2012, over 160 enthusiastic students availed this BVRC full time training facility at GEV.

Enrollment fees: Nominal fee of INR 20,000 for one year. (INR 10,000 per semester)

Recommendation letter from the respective temple authorities is mandatory.

Our Bhagavatam Online course provides – chapter wise audio and video recordings of classes along with PowerPoint presentations so that they may study at their own pace. For more details and registration at http://www.vidyapitha.in/sign-up-for-bhakti-vedantavidyapitha-courses/

Male full time devotees interested in registering for the BVRC residential course at GEV for June 2019- May 2021, may send a mail to admissions.vidyapitha@gmail.com. Admissions are open till 10th April 2019.

Please visit our website – http://www.vidyapitha.in for more details of the course and for any queries. You may also follow us on facebook to remain updated with the BVRC activities.

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In Your service
Gauranga Darshan Das
Dean, Bhaktivedanta Vidyapitha
ISKCON Govardhan Eco Village

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