Basic Theory of the Project

The general symptoms of the mind are determination (or acceptance) and rejection according to the desires produced by the influence of different modes. The mind is the pivot of the active sense organs. Any change in the quality of thinking, feeling and willing (the functions of the mind) naturally affects the quality of actions by the instrumental senses. Because the mind is actually the leader of the senses, it is important to keep the mind under control which internally keeps all the ever wandering senses under control.

Need for the Project

  • For Devotees: It helps to better understand the nature and the functionality of Mind. Thus a sadhaka can consciously make efforts to bring mind under control and focus on his devotional service (hearing, chanting and remembering) for his better spiritual progress.
  • For people in general: Just by focusing one’s mind with complete attention on any activity one will attain perfection. This work will help one to understand the nature of Mind and how to streamline the thought process of the Mind, thus one can have proper focus on the activities one performs.

Approach / Work

Our project basically involves in:

  • Understanding the nature, characteristics and working process of the Mind based on Srimad Bhagavatam.
  • Understanding the various methods of Mind Control based on Srimad Bhagavatam.
  • We went through various sections of SB that deal with mind Ex: Teachings of Lord Kapila from Canto 3, Raghugana – Jada Bharat conversation from canto 5 etc.

Conclusion / Results

All transcendental processes entail the purification of the mind through concentration (meditation) or smaranam. A conditioned soul becomes free from all anxieties when he purifies his mind and consciousness. The uncontrolled mind is the root cause of one’s bondage or miserable material existence. Therefore control of the Mind is very much essential in everyone’s life.

Therefore when the Mind, without being deviated by material activities, is fully engaged in Krsna Consciousness or Devotional Service to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, comes fully under the control of the practitioner.

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