Management! One might think that this is a nomenclature that applies only to a certain class of people like the directors of MNCs or the government officials. However, in reality, every living being is a manager. If a corporate manager supervises his or her subordinates, a housewife oversees the household affairs, and a bird manages its nest. Management is the basic principle of living. Another reality is that every manager is superseded by another manager. Everybody is a manager and is simultaneously being managed. The only living being who doesn’t have a manager above Him is the Supreme Lord. He is the ultimate manager, the CEO of the universal administrative system. Under Him are many managers like the demigods who manage the universal affairs like supplying rains (Indra) and giving light (sun & moon). As Lord Krishna mentions in the Bhagavad Gita, the material nature works under His direction.

Cooperation with the management is the most crucial aspect for the success of any institution. If the employees of an industry do not cooperate with the management, there would be no smooth functioning. Similarly if the living entities, especially the human beings do not cooperate with the universal management system of the Lord, sufferings are inevitable. Mother Nature provides all the living beings everything they need to live comfortably in this world. We get the basic necessities of life like food grains, fruits, milk, minerals, cloth and wood amply from the nature. We see beautiful landscapes that dress the earth in green. We see breathtaking waterfalls and rivers that decorate her surface. We see a variety of species living on the earth adding to the diversity of her family. The Supreme Lord manages the universal system in a way that we live happily in this world by utilizing the gifts of nature.

Srimad Bhagavatam mentions that, during the reign of Maharaj Yudhishtira, one of the celebrated kings of Vedic India, there were regulated rainfalls, the earth produced all the necessities of man in profusion, and the cows were happy so much so that they used to moisten the grazing lands with milk. The rivers flowed profusely to fertilize the land; the oceans supplied sufficient quantities of minerals, pearls and jewels; the forest supplied sufficient wood, drugs and vegetables, and the seasonal changes effectively helped produce fruits and flowers amply. Such benedictions from the Mother Nature are received only when the ruler and the people under his administration obey the laws of God, and do not exploit Mother Nature according to their whims. Knowing very well that a ruler is the representative of God, such pious kings manage the affairs of the state on behalf of the Lord obeying His orders.

In the traditional life style, economic development is centered on land and cows. Not many decades ago, people had built beautiful homes using natural materials and simple traditional technologies. Villagers were engaged in farming and cow protection. People had spent significant amount of time for their spiritual practices, thus living happily in this world and preparing for the next. Life used to one of ‘Simple living and High thinking.’ Contrary to this principle, the modern man, in his endeavor to increase his standard of life, is directly or indirectly exploiting Mother Earth and its various offsprings.

In the name of technological advancement, he is building huge concrete structures, maintaining organized slaughterhouses, cinemas, restaurants, bars, machinery, gadgets, motor vehicles etc.  There is no time for any spiritual practices. However, the artificial way of living depending on modern technology can render so-called happiness only to a limited number at the cost of millions. And ultimately all the so-called advancement one makes, against the will of God, by exploiting Mother Nature, will not make one happy. It is only the spiral of ‘illusion’ that one is ‘advancing’ keeps one continuing with it.

It is the Supreme Lord’s arrangement that we live comfortably in this world for the tenure in our present bodies, cooperating with the material nature, doing our spiritual practices, and finally return to His kingdom at the end of our lives. An intelligent human being adapts to the principle of ‘Simple Living and High thinking’ and derives satisfaction with the natural gifts of nature. He doesn’t waste his time is endeavoring to forcefully extract facilities from Mother Nature at the cost of exploiting her. Instead he engages his vital energy in spiritual activities, and thus attains the highest purpose of human life. This is the secret of success of human life that the ancient rulers of India like Yudhistira and Parikshit demonstrated to us. All we need is to follow them. All we need is to manage our lives in harmony with Mother Nature, and endeavor to reach our Supreme Father at the end of our lives.

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