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Gratitude is like gunpowder in a gun or fuel in a Car, without which there is no further action.  All great souls have felt deep gratitude to Lord and His devotees who have contributed to their KC.

(Eg) Kunti maharani submitted a long list of protection offered by Lord Krishna for the Pandava children

(Eg) Prahlad remembered his Guru, Narada and aspired only service to him, when Lord Nrsimha appeared

(Eg) Draupadi reminding Arjuna of Dronacarya’s training him and asking Arjuna not to kill Ashwattama.

(Eg) Yudhishthira maharaja considering Dhrtarastra to be the protector when Pandavas were fatherless children

(Eg) Prabhupada remembering Beatles George Harisson’s help and sending him a Ring from his own finger

We could add innumerable examples of gratitude from scriptures.

In the context of Dhruva, Suniti was the one who guided him to go to Jungle to search for Lord Visnu.  Similarly in our lives many devotees have contributed to drawing us into association of vaishnavas; some have saved us when we were again trying to return to maya; some others have provided us warmth, guidance and support when we were bewildered about some aspect of philosophy or incidents within ISKCON society; some have shed sweat and toil in purifying our anarthas painstakingly tolerating all the hue and cry we made, as they elevated us!

When we honestly consider the contribution of various vaishnavas in our life, our heart would soften and cry.  Imagine what we would be now without such support.  I would be headlong be marching into material civilization of West like a moth entering fire.  More worse is that I would have become proud of my material accomplishments or flying here and there and filling pocket with dollar notes!  I would have become an example of what Bhakti Vinod Thakura rightly says, “Vidyara gaurave bhrami deshe deshe, dhana upaarjana kari”.   We can look back and see how devotees have saved us, sheltered us and empowered us to be what we are today! Now by honest examination I can say, “I am here still in ISKCON as a practicing devotee because so many devotees have mercifully carried me along and prayed for my spiritual wellbeing.”

The above article is an answer to the Open Book Exam (Canto 4.1-14), by Radheshyam Das, to the question: “Dhruva maharaja remembered mother Suniti before boarding the Vaikuntha airplane. Explain this principle of gratitude in your own words, quoting other sastric examples.”

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