h04_17123523Slide1Similar to Parasara’s anger arisen due to his father killed by a demon, Dhruva encountered a situation where his brother Uttama was killed by one of the yakshas.  While making attempt to find out that yaksa to kill him, Dhruva contemplated on wiping out the race of yaksas.  Due to his being a pure devotee of the Lord, he was saved from excessive wrath by the guidance of Svayambhuva Manu.  Dhruva by Lord’s mercy could see that material world subjects one to bewildering situations and it is best to transcend it [4.12.15-16].   Also when Dhruva was subjected to illusion by yaksas through a dense cloud, sages passing through sky advised him to pray to Lord Narayana for help.  Thus Dhruva prayed and was brought out of illusion easily like sun coming out of clouds.

Prayer happens when we break through material coverings, open our heart, express our inability in the face of maya and seek Lord’s shelter, support, blessings, protection and guidance understanding our predicament, like a child raising the arms and crying out for the mother’s help.

Srila Prabhupada says about how to pray to Lord : “One who is sincerely engaged in the service of the Lord with love and faith can talk with Krishna and receive instructions by which he can speedily return home, back to Godhead…..  Today, many scholars defend the science of religion and they have some conception of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, but religion without practical experience of the Supreme Personality of Godhead is no religion at all…..  If one is not qualified to talk with Him and take lessons from Him, how can one understand the principles of religion?”  – Cc. Madhya 4.95

Gajendra, Draupadi, Uttara, Vrajabasis, Brahma etc all prayed to Supreme Lord and achieved shelter and safety in Lord’s lotus feet.


  • gives us Inner Strength to face the opposition to preaching which comes from
  • Increases our Purity of heart and thus can help us genuinely present our situation to Lord.
  • Gives us direction on how to save ourselves from Maya and how to hold on to Krishna’s lotus feet

Gives us inspiration, higher taste and shelter to go on with KC even when times are tough

The article is an answer to the Open Book Exam (Canto 3.1-14), by Radheshyam Dasa, to the question: “Discuss the importance of prayers for protection from fall down, referring to Srila Prabhupada’s purport of 3.9.24”

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